Lots of new stuff happening for michelle’s writing career at the moment…. She is currently working on demo’s of songs she and justin gaston have been writing. Justin is one of the 6 living in the “if I can dream” house. The house is filmed 24/7 and follows the careers of aspiring actors, musicians and models. You can watch the house live, or log onto Hulu and watch weekly episodes that include the writing days Michelle and Justin has together.

Another fun project Michelle has been involved in, is writing songs with American idol contestant Matt Giraud. Matt and Michelle have written 3 songs together now and continue to write when he is back in LA.

Amongst the various other songwriters and musicians michelle works with, she recently had 2 songs on an album with french artist Nolwenn leroy. ‘Mademoiselle de la gamelle’ a song with she wrote with Nolwenn and ‘Me and You’ a song written with Jonatha Brooke, both are featured on Nolwenn’s record. The album was Number 1 on Itunes and has remained on the itunes charts in france for several months. The album was produced by producer and artist Teitur. Michelle recently worked with teitur on a song for his record, which he is currently working on in Copenhagen.

Michelle’s recent trip to europe found her writing with Pete Glenister(alison Moyet) and in france, she cowrote with Franck Pire and Tina harris.

After completing the “Blue Bike” record last year, michelle played residency’s in LA with her full band, as well as a broken down set with guitar player Meg Toohey(The Weepies) Meg and Michelle will be writing songs for an upcoming release this summer.

In a rather drastic departure from her normal style, michelle also started a new band…The 80’s sounding synth pop band aptly named “The Awesomeness” consists of Michelle and writing partner Jim McGorman. Writing started as a project mainly for film and TV, but the duo quickly realized they were onto something bigger….shortly after that, wigs and spandex abound Jim and Michelle enlisted the help of fellow musicians Steve Fekete, and Steve Ferlazzo to complete the band. The new cd “inside your head” can be found on Itunes and the band has booked several shows in LA and is planning a tour on the east coast in late June.

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