It’s been a great summer of new writing, but I’m happy to announce that one of my songs will be on “Army wives” tonight 6/27 at 10pm et/pt.

This song is close to my heart, because I wrote it whilst living in Hollywood several years ago. I dug it out a year or two ago and had it produced by Rick Parker, who I have used frequently for my album production over the years.

Although I lived on ‘wilcox and yucca’ streets in Hollywood, there’s not an awful lot you can rhyme with either of those..and set my sights on the intersection a block and a half away from where i lived. So many different characters pass through those streets, it wasn’t difficult to find a few of them to write about..and I hope they come up in stories and songs of mine, years from now!
It may not be available as a download, but I will offer the song a few places for you to check out and hope it keeps you checking back here for more updates on new music and new tours.

I signed with a booking agent in philly, who will hopefully get me a small tour on the east coast come fall, and will be headed back to the UK inevitably to play some dates and do some more writing very soon.

If you miss the show, check it out on hulu or on the Lifetime tv website and maybe you’ll be able to hear a little of my hollywood experience song!!